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Our Services

Our Services

Financial Assistance

Self Photos / Files - syringe-1884784_1280Objectives
To provide financial assistance to families of young cancer patients that are unable to meet special needs arising out of the patients' illness with their own resources


Families of children with cancer who have financial difficulties


Services Provided

  • Purchase of medical device and rehab aids such as wigs, artificial eyes and limbs, spectacles and dentures, etc.
  • Subsidies for living allowance, child-minding fees, children's after school programmes, meals and travel allowances, burial or cremation costs, etc.
  • Subsidies for special drugs and special medical tests
  • Extra expenses to enable the wishes of terminally-ill children to come true, whenever possible
  • Referral to obtain additional sources of help


Application Procedure
All applicants have to be interviewed and assessed by the social workers of Patient Care and Community Service Team. Please contact your case worker for enquiries.


CCF Community Service Centre 23191396