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Our Services

Bereavement Care

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Understand your unbearable loss and walk you through the darkness
As soon as the child is considered to have no cure by the medical, our Palliative Service Team will accompany the child’s family in preparing mentally and practically for the impending bereavement. Our Bereavement Care begins with the best support we offer to the family when the child is approaching end of life, and continues until at least a year after the child passes away.


Everyone reacts differently to the death of someone close to us. Our professional social workers offer sensitive bereavement counselling to the families and walk them gradually towards acceptance of their children’s death. Based on the families’ own abilities and resources, we strive to help them handle the grief, adjust to the new routines and explore new meanings of life. CCF’s social workers are able to distinguish clearly between normal and complicated grief. If bereaved family members are found experiencing complicated grief, our social workers will direct them to the most appropriate treatment.


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Parents, siblings, grandparents and other primary care-givers of the sick children


Services Provided

  • Individual meetings
  • Family talks
  • Small group sharing
  • Seminars
  • Family activities


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Bereavement Club

The Bereavement Club was established in 2007 for families that have suffered the loss of a child to cancer. 'Yuen Fung Wooi', the club’s Chinese name, was suggested by a mother who had a deceased cancer child. 'Yuen' means 'destiny', 'Fung' is the Chinese word for 'wind' and 'Wooi' stands for ‘rendezvous’:


Parents and their children are destined to meet on earth, but they have to part like the drifting wind, and Heaven is the place where parents hope to re-unite with their children.


The Bereavement Club acts as a platform to promote sharing of grievances and mutual support among bereaved people. Through a variety of activities organised by the Foundation, they can meet parents with similar experiences, ventilate their feelings, help themselves and help the others.


Members of the Bereavement Club are families that had been served by the Foundation. We reach out to families and invite them to be members.