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About Childhood Cancer

About Childhood Cancer

Diagnosis & Treatment Glossary

Here are some of the common terms used in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.


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Immune response

The response of the immune system to antigens.


Any of various techniques for determining the levels of antigen and antibody in a tissue.

Immunoglobulin (lg)

One of a group of structurally related proteins (gamma globulins) that act as antibodies.


Suppression of the immune response, usually by disease or by drugs.


The prevention or treatment of disease using agents that may modify the immune response.  It is a largely experimental approach, studied most widely in the treatment of cancer.


One of a new class of drugs undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of leukaemia.  Immunotoxin can specifically target cancerous cells, with a highly toxic compound that inactivates the cells’ ribosomes and thus inhibits protein synthesis.  Because the toxin does not attack the whole cell only tiny amounts are required.


Repetitive cycles of chemotherapy treatment during the immediate postremission period, used especially with relation to leukaemia.


A substance that is produced by cells infected with a virus and has the ability to inhibit viral growth. 


Within the meninges of the spinal cord.  An intrathecal injection is made into the meninges.

Intravenous urography

A technique in radiology for evaluating the urinary system.


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Special thanks should be given to Mrs. Rosita Lie, Dr. Alan K.S. Chiang, Dr. Ha Shau-yin, Dr. Vincent Lee, Dr. Li Chi-keung, Dr. Li Chi-kong, Dr. Rever Li Chak-ho and Dr. Yuen Hui-leung for editorial review.