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About Childhood Cancer

About Childhood Cancer

Diagnosis & Treatment Glossary

Here are some of the common terms used in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.


Please select an alphabet to view a list of terms starting with that letter:


Any cancer of connective tissue.

Stem cell

An immortal cell that is able to produce all the cells within an organ.  The term is most usually applied to the haemopoietic stem cells of the bone marrow.

Striated muscle

A tissue comprising the bulk of the body’s musculature.


The branch of medicine that treats injuries, deformities, or disease by operation or manipulation.

Synovial sarcoma

The rare, malignant (cancerous) tumor most often occurs near the knee, but can also occur near other joints, mainly in the arms and legs. 


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Special thanks should be given to Mrs. Rosita Lie, Dr. Alan K.S. Chiang, Dr. Ha Shau-yin, Dr. Vincent Lee, Dr. Li Chi-keung, Dr. Li Chi-kong, Dr. Rever Li Chak-ho and Dr. Yuen Hui-leung for editorial review.