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Sail On, Dreamers! - The Story of Levi

“Come in through the magic door

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Come and meet Doraemon

He has all the future gadgets in his 4D pocket…”


Remember this lyrics, the widely known manga series, Doraemon? Doraemon, the robotic cat, always helping out his friend Nobita, is Levi’s favourite cartoon.


Levi, a 13-year-old boy, was diagnosed with adrenal leukoencephalopathy (X-ALD) in November 2019. Initially, his parents thought it was myopic, but eyeglasses did not seem to improve his eyesight. Advised by the teachers, his parents took Levi for a body check and was subsequently diagnosed with this rare disease. It invades the cerebral nervous system and causes brain malfunction leading to movement disorder.  Worse still, patient’s condition usually deteriorates swiftly. The news was undoubtedly come as bolt from the blue for the Levi’s family. They were at a complete loss. In the following months, they frequented the hospitals for checkups, meanwhile, CPCF also took up Levi’s case and conducted play therapy with him.


Unfortunately, in mid-2020, Levi 's condition deteriorated. The disease not only affected his vision and mobility, but also his swallowing and digestive function. With only his hearing remains, he is bedridden and has to be tube fed. Levi visited the hospital less frequent due to the pandemic. The services and support we provided such as home visits and rehab bus have since become very important. During home visits, our nurse will be providing nursing care and checking on his medication. We also provide counselling and emotional support to the parents to alleviate the stress from their round the clock caring of Levi.


As a kid, influenced by his brother, Levi loves watching “Doraemon”.  Doraemon is his favourite because he has all these gadgets to save his good friend, Nobita. “When Levi was very young, he often wished that Doraemon was real. But I told him “Doraemon only exists in Nobita’s world, not in the real world…”, wouldn’t it be nice if Doraemon do exist in this world?” Levi’s mother sighed.


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Levi and family having a good time with CPCF team.


After learning that Levi likes Doraemon, our team jumped into action to fulfill his wish – having Doraemon comes into his world. Through a seasoned voice actor, Mr Tinson Lung, we got to know Doraemon and Nobita’s voice actresses, Miss Wong Yan Yue and Miss Luk Wai Ling. We took the liberty to invite them to create a personalised Doraemon’s story for Levi and after learning Levi’s story, they swiftly accepted. Our team quickly worked with Levi’s mom to create the script and within a few weeks the recording was completed.


Levi, this is Nobita! Nice to meet you in person, I know you are a lovely and hard-working kid…”


“Welcome back from the hospital, Nobita! I ate a lot of red bean breads today…”


“It’s time for check up! Let’s use the Dokodemo Door!”


“Hey, Doraemon…Levi is up so late tonight! Let’s use a snooze gadget to help him sleep …”


These scripts are short but most heartwarming. Levi lying in bed was stunned and tearing up, hearing the recording the first time. Tears slowly dripped down his face as soon as he heard Doraemon’s dreamy voice calling his name. “Aren't these the voice of Doraemon and Nobita? How come Doraemon came into this world? How did they know my name?” his mind was filled with questions. His dream finally came true! Both his family and our team are deeply touched and felt accomplished having to surprise him and inject positivity into his life.


“Our heartfelt thanks to the two voice actresses for the recordings. After every visit to the hospital, before mealtime and bedtime, we will play the recordings. Levi always listens with a contented smile!” Levi’s mom shared.


As the saying goes, “that's the way the cookie crumbles.” Be positive, and you will always find that life is beautiful. Today, you are in trouble and an angel came to your rescue; tomorrow, you might be the angel lending a helping hand. Having the opportunity to help and be helped is the most invaluable things in life.


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In June 2020, we have created a Dokodemo Door for Levi.

He was very excited and running in and out of the Door!



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Miss Luk (Left) and Miss Wong (Right) think that the collaboration is very meaningful

and hope that their profession can bring positive energy to Levi.