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Survivors Stories – Live a Life upon Challenges

08 Nov 2022


"The road to fighting cancer was indeed arduous, I suffered both physically and mentally. However, only after recovery did I realize the real challenge just begins,” said by a patient surviving childhood cancer. It has come to many people’s awareness that childhood cancer patients may come across different challenges during the stage of diagnosis and treatment. However, not many people understand that the sequelae brought by the disease may have a lifelong impact on them.


33 years ago, a group of concerned doctors, nurses, parents and talented individuals jointly founded the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF), with the vision to provide the best possible holistic care to young cancer patients and their families, and to ensure that their needs are catered on the road to diagnosis, treatment and recovery.


Looking back, CCF has served more than 5,000 patients and families. Those once illed have now become adults, while some have transformed by giving out a helping hand. For instance, some of them have become volunteers in our activities, some of them have become handicraft instructors. Not only do they ignite hope with their enthusiasm and perseverance, but also they live a bright and vivid life with the best of themselves.




Surviving childhood cancer, the road to recovery is long and winding. The late effects may affect children’s learning abilities, appearance, physique and social life, resulting in low confidence and self-esteem. CCF helps to alleviate these impacts through the Survivor Potential Development programme. Through different kinds of trainings and activities, we can improve young cancer survivors’ adaptability, cultivate their interests, explore their strengths and potentials, and develop their talents beyond the academic horizon.




















In these 33 years, the Children's Cancer Foundation has been providing professional and holistic services to patients and their families in diversified and innovative ways. As we enter our fourth decade of caring service, we will stay true to our mission in helping our service users to improve their quality of life, and supporting them on the road to recovery.


You are cordially invited to continue to support CCF to make a difference in the lives of more children and families fighting life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses.





Please share your blessings to patients and survivors at the e-memo board below! The blessings collected will be displayed as a painting at the Children's Cancer Foundation Community Service Center in mid-December. The electronic version will also be sent to sick children and families.


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