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Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Marathon Charity Programme

12 Oct 2023

Since 1989, Children’s Cancer Foundation has provided caring services for young children with cancer and their families. CCF is committed to improving young cancer patients; and their families; quality of life in caring for their physical, psychological, and social well-being; and to helping doctors improve the survival rate of children with cancer through sponsorship of expensive drugs, childhood cancer research, and diagnostic tests.


Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for young cancer patients and their families in caring for their physical, psychological and social well-being.

To help doctors improve the survival rate of children with cancer through sponsorship of expensive drugs, childhood cancer research and diagnostic tests.


Our Vision

To continue provision of the best possible holistic care to young cancer patients and their families.

To extend our current services to families of young patients suffering from other serious illnesses.


Run With You 同心·同步·同行


The Children's Cancer Foundation advocates the importance of appropriate exercise (such as walking, jogging, and long-distance running) in nursing and recovery. It also echoes the marathon spirit and encourages children with cancer to persevere and not give up on the road to cancer treatment and recovery.


[Compassion] The love, care, and support of children with cancer.

[Together] Rehabilitated runners and healthy runners running together

[Inclusion] The diversity and inclusion of everyone in the community.


The Children’s Cancer Foundation receives no subvention from the government, we solely rely on donations from the public to support our ongoing services. We need your support, and let’s join hands to help children and families fight childhood cancer!


Registration procedure


  1. Individual runners please fill out the online form to apply a charity quota for the 10km race
    Click to Online Registration
  2. CCF will send a confirmation email to the successful applicant within 2 weeks. Unsuccessful applicants will automatically be placed on the waiting list.
  3. Runners should complete the procedure via the donation link provided, and reply us, within 1 week of receiving the confirmation email.
  4. After confirming receipt of donation, CCF will forward the runner's information to the Standard Chartered Marathon.
  5. Runners will receive a registration email from the Standard Chartered Marathon within two weeks. Please follow the instructions in the email and complete the remaining registration procedures.


If any organization/company is interested in participating in this marathon charity programme, please call 2815 2525 or email ccf@ccf.org.hk for inquiries.


Use of Donation


Minimum donation amount per race quota:HK$1,600


Raised donation will support Survivor Potential Development to support and assist young cancer survivors aged 12 or above in coping with the changes and challenges brought about by the late effects of their illnesses, through providing long-term follow-up counselling, life education, self-development, social activities and talent programmes. As well as to enhance patients’ social network and help them achieve personal growth in terms of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.