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Sunshine Kids

The Power of Art

From the beginning of treatment to recovery phase and reintegration of the Sunshine Kids (child cancer patients and survivors) back into the community, negative emotions from the traumatic experience are likey to occur. With handicrafts and drawings, they are able to release their emotions that they find difficult to express in words. Indeed, we should not underestimate the power of art!


I wish to thank the Friends of Hong Kong Museum of Art (Friends) and the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMA) for their sponsorship and organisation of the Summer Art Cadets 2018 - Art Switch programme for our Sunshine Kids and their siblings of which 17 children participated. There were 11 sessions including arts and crafts workshops, visiting museum and a graduation ceremony. Through this programme, the children not only have deepened their interest and knowledge in art, but they have also have met many like-minded friends of similar age by learning together and encouraging each other.


Through creative arts, they learned to understand the importance of making use of their talent, accepting their deficiency and not having to compare with anyone on their ability. At the beginning, some kids were reluctant to draw, thinking that they could not do it and were afraid that others would laugh at them. With the encouragement of our social worker and the instructors, they gradually picked up the pen and also learned to accept themselves. After each creative work, the instructor would invite students to show and tell. Some of them were embarrassed at first, but the safe and inclusive environment allowed them to share their work at ease. The fun of sharing and the round of applauses they received at each session reinforced their courage and confidence.


In one of the activities, the instructor asked the students to paint on a piece of paper colours that they thought would best represent their moods. One chose bright colours which meant she was happy and excited and another picked black, white and grey. They were then asked to cut the coloured paper into different shapes to create their own unique and beautiful flower vase collage. Everyone enjoyed the process and also learned to identify and embrace their own feelings and moods. It is amazing how art can uplift their spirit!


There was also notable improvement with one of the kids. She started from a shy girl who had a hard time going eye-to-eye, to someone who volunteered to be the host of a video we prepared to film before the graduation ceremony. During filming, she proactively asked us about her posture, and how to speak properly. Her proactive attitude and enhanced confidence may not reflect in her grades in school, but the experience she gained from the art programme will benefit her for life.


After completing the art programme, the Sunshine Kids and their families attended a graduation ceremony held at HKMA. At the ceremony, they performed on stage to show and tell their artwork and also present the drawings and greeting cards they made to their families and VIP guests. All students were awarded a certificate from the Friends and HKMA. The art programme has brought the kids and families an unforgettable summer!


In the light of this successful collaboration and seeing how creative arts can magically inspire the children and explore their potentials, Friends and HKMA proposed to launch another art programme for our kids in early 2019. After brainstorming with our partners, “bamboo” was the theme chosen. We hope that through the programme, the kids could be inspired by the characteristics of bamboo: resolute, vital, flexible and able to adapt to the adversities of life!


CCF Newsletter Vol.56 (Jul 2019)