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Mei Fung’s Resume

Mei Fung is a positive and motivated brain tumour survivor. She impresses us as a conscientious and persevering worker. The following story tells how hard she has tried to learn the ropes all these years. We wish her story could inspire many more cancer survivors. Go for it, Mei Fung!


Completing my associate degree was no easy task. As soon as I finished the programme, I wanted to find a job in my related field. After all, I am young and I have high academic qualifications. I know that one can’t be on the top rung all the time and I certainly have to make the most of everything.


I chanced to run into a cancer survivor’s parent, who told me that her child landed a job through an agency and was earning about HK$7,000 a month in a certain company. The job prospect was good, I was told. Good for her! I have better academic qualifications than that girl. I probably would get a higher pay. I surmised.


The first time I went for an interview, I did not do much homework and I was late. But the firm hired me and offered a very good salary. I was told that the salary would be adjusted after four months. Hurray! I was in luck! After a while, I realised that the job did not suit me at all. I could manage with the occasional manual work. Yet the daily manual task was too much for me. Before long, I handed in my resignation.


After a while, I got a data entry job through an agency. The job was easy! No hard work at all! What was more, the salary was quite good. Everything fell into my scheme of things. But then, entering customers’ data was not as easy as I thought. The data were complex and confusing. I was not careful enough and made numerous mistakes. In the end, I was fired.


After that, I got a job in a trading company as an apprentice. This time around, I wanted to find out other than the manual work and the entry of complex data that I could not cope, what were some of the things that I must take note of in order to do a good job. Oh, it turned out to be the prioritisation of tasks. How dreadful! I was used to a “first come first serve” work rule. The first assigned task got done first. Never did it cross my mind that an employee should handle the urgent jobs first and give the less urgent tasks second priority. How I made a mess of things!


Despite it all, I believe that as long as I keep on making an effort and learning from past mistakes, I could tackle any job with ease. Based on my past working experiences, I know fairly well my own capabilities. I am pretty sure that I am good at data entry.


Finally I got another data entry job. This time my performance is good. Not only can I enter the data with no errors, I can also present the sorted data properly and directly to my boss. And I have learned to be tactful and refrain from bothering my boss with my documents when he is busy. I would put them aside and pass them to the boss when he is less busy. Now I know! It turns out that different jobs require different skills.


Last but not least, I have come to the realisation that the most important thing about work is that it is not a means to make a living but a means to gain experiences which in turn boosts my self-confidence and gives me job satisfaction.


CCF Newsletter Vol.41 (Feb 2012)