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Sunshine Kids

Sunshine Kids

A Smile Studio

The first thing you might notice when you see the three family portraits in this article is the broad happy smile on the faces. What makes them smile like that? Out of curiosity, I accompanied a patient and his family members to the studio for a family photo shoot.


Stepping into Ben’s studio, I was impressed by its eye-catching décor. Those who come to the studio need not put on any makeup, nor do they need to dash into different outfits. They simply come to enjoy an hour of photo taking. Peals of laughter ring in the studio as the photographer goes about his job. If you had not been at the scene, you would have thought that Ben had a magic wand whipping up a hearty smile on everyone’s face, young and old alike.


Looking at the disc of family photos that Ben sent in a few weeks after the photo shoot, I was enveloped by a rush of warm feeling, and affected so much by the laughing faces that tears welled up in my eyes. The patient’s parents said they are touched and feel very grateful every time they look at the family portraits.


Ben the photographer has been volunteering his professional service for more than two years at CCF, taking family portraits for 27 patients with special needs and their families. While each family has its distinctive style, their family portraits share one thing in common - each and every photograph is filled with love and warmth.


A volunteer photographer for diverse groups, Ben wishes to make a difference with his expertise. As a father, he can relate to CCF’s patients as he takes their photos. Ben hopes that all the family members will enjoy and have fun during the whole process and his job is to document family love and foster family relationship while trying to fill the photo shoot session with laughter.


CCF and parents are forever grateful to Ben for helping to capture precious moments of the children’s lives and leaving the parents with some fond memories. In this day and age of photo proliferation, these unique photos are a testament of human love.


CCF Newsletter Vol.46 (Jul 2014)