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Chan Wing Fu "6633 Artic Ultra 2019" Fund-raising Activity

01 Nov 2018

Many people think that the second half of life is amazing, but I’m not so sure because I’ve just started mine.  I have finished the first half of my life and believe that it should be more amazing than most metropolitans’, the reason is the two jobs I had were both racing against time and they were the most incredible part of my life.  My first job was in the British Army.  In that instant, I knew that if I were to stay alive to complete the mission and return home safely, I must compete with time. Before I retired, I was an ambulanceman at the Fire Services Department working at the frontline.  I was facing different challenges and scenarios every day, always racing with time rushing patients to the hospitals.

I injured myself from over exercising and couldn’t finish the extreme ultra marathon this year.  It is a severe blow to an extreme athlete.  But for an “extremely slow” athlete like me, I enjoyed the process and cherish every moment of my life.  That’s why I decided to join the “6633 Arctic Ultra Run” - a world known toughest and most extreme ultra marathon - in Yukon, Canada in March 2019.  The participants will race under extreme weather with temperature range from -25°C to -70°C. They must be self-sufficient and finish the marathon within a specified time.  Each year, there is a chance that nobody finishes the race and even bears the risk of amputation.



I would like to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) through this marathon.  The reason is that in my last job before my retirement, I met with patients of various ages.  I think cancer is the worst disease because the journey fighting it is long and arduous, especially for children.  They don't understand why they have to lie in bed all the time and cannot go to school like other children.  Children’s Cancer Foundation is a registered Hong Kong charity founded in 1989.  Its mission is to improve the quality of life for young cancer patients and their families in caring for their physical, psychological and social well-being.  Its services include family counselling, clinical psychology, Child Life (previously named Hospital Play), 24/7 Palliative and Home Care services, long-term follow-up as well as financial, social and educational support.  Also, CCF helps doctors to improve the survival rate of children with cancer through the sponsorships of drugs, childhood cancer researches, diagnostic tests and the provision of half-way homes. Receiving no subvention from the government and no funding from The Hong Kong Jockey Club or the Community Chest, CCF solely relies on the generosity of private individuals, companies or organisations who wish to support its work.  


I am hoping that through the “6633 Arctic Ultra Run” high risk race, I could raise your awareness on the dire situation of these young cancer patients.  To participate in this race or not, I have a choice.  But these children, they don’t!  With the illness, both the children and their families are under a tremendous amount of pressure.


The race I’m participating is a non-stop self-sufficient footrace over a distance of 198 km and I need to finish it within 71 hours.  The full marathon is 630 km and to be completed within 9 days.

I sincerely hope that I have your support for every kilometre I made.  All proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation without deducting any expenses.  No matter how much money I raise, I will do my best to run every mile under the toughest, coldest, extreme environment and I hope I can finish the race safe and sound!


Join hands with me to support these children!



Simply visit www.ccf.org.hk, click onto the green icon “Make a Donate”, select “Mr Chan Wing Fu - 6633 Arctic Ultra Run” under the Donation Designation and you can make a difference!


Thank you!!!