Child Life Service (formerly known as Hospital Play Service)

1. Is a Child Life Specialist (formerly known as Hospital Play Specialist) a volunteer who plays with the children?

A Child Life Specialist (formerly known as Hospital Play Specialist) is normally a registered social worker who specialises in handling the impact of illness on children.

2. Is there a playroom in every hospital?

Regular play service is only available in the five childhood cancer treatment centres; patients who are being treated in other hospitals may call CCF at +852 2319 1396 so that a Child Life Specialist (formerly known as Hospital Play Specialist) can arrange to visit on individual basis.

3. My little girl is going to have surgery and she must be scared, what can I do?

Psychological preparation can be given in a way that is appropriate to a child’s age, cognitive development and previous experiences.  It helps young children to make sense of surgical procedures by knowing what to see, what to hear and what to feel; parents’ company during preparation is crucial.  Most children feel more confident with proper preparation.

4. My 3-year-old son has been admitted to hospital for 2 weeks but he still cries when he sees medical staff, what should I do?

Children vary in their responses to new environments.  Parents’ company is important to help build up a sense of security; bringing along toys or music that the child likes can be helpful.  Casual contact with people working in the ward helps ease their anxiety.  Child Life Specialists (formerly known as Hospital Play Specialists) have designed some play sets that help children to cope with separation.