Family Service Centre

When a child falls prey to cancer, doctors and hospitals open the gates to treatment and cure.  But the road is long and fraught with pain and trauma.  Diagnosis of cancer in a child leaves most families completely unprepared for the overwhelming emotional and financial pressures that occur as their struggle with this deadly disease begins.

Thankfully, it is not a journey they need to make alone.  The Children's Cancer Foundation helps families stay focused on the child's needs by providing them with a holistic array of family-oriented support services that improve the quality of their lives and help them fight physical pain and psychological suffering at every stage of the journey.

The focus of our service programme is to help any child with cancer, and the whole family.  Whether we do this through counselling, support groups, or by simply providing information and resources on childhood cancer to interested individuals or groups, our goal is simple – to ensure that we are there at every step to support patients, their families, the doctors, the nurses, the hospitals, and the public at large in the fight against cancer.

The Family Service Centre was established in 1993 in Wong Tai Sin.  From the centre our professional and specially trained staff provide counselling, psychotherapy and assessment, financial, educational and social support, and manage half-way homes for convalescing patients and their families.  In addition, the Centre is the base for our long-term follow-up programme which supports patients in coping with difficulties brought about by the illness.  The Family Service Centre is also the venue for support groups and many Families' Club activities.

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