Community Service & Rehabilitation Centre

Most childhood cancer patients go through long and complicated medical treatment lasting many years.  During this time, the children are faced with tremendous emotional turmoil.  Many patients are forced to stay home and away from school, giving up the physical and social activities they enjoy.  Cancer isolates children at a time in their lives when they thrive on participation in their social life and daily routines.

Established in 2009, our Community Service & Rehabilitation Centre helps to reduce the burden on parents who are required to look after their children twenty-four hours a day during the whole treatment process, especially when a child is terminally-ill.  The Centre is the only facility in Hong Kong to provide day care, specialist nursing, therapeutic groups and recreational activities for these children, allowing parents to take a break from their role of daily care-givers. It is also where our Child Life Service (formerly known as Hospital Play Service) is stationed.

With advances in medical science, the survival rate of children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer can be as high as 75-80 percent.  However, these children may suffer long-term effects from their encounter with the illness and its treatment.  It is therefore not enough to just “cure” them, but there is also the need to help them develop their potential for adulthood.  As part of our holistic support for patients, the Centre also provides rehabilitation programmes and occupational therapy services to help children overcome the long-term effects of their encounter with cancer.

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