For Patients and Families

When a child falls prey to cancer, doctors and hospitals open the gates to treatment and cure.  But the road is long and fraught with pain and trauma.  Diagnosis of cancer in a child leaves most families completely unprepared for the overwhelming emotional and financial pressures that occur as their struggle with this deadly disease begins.

Thankfully, it is not a journey they need to make alone.  The Children’s Cancer Foundation helps families stay focused on the child’s needs by providing them with a holistic array of family-oriented support services that improve the quality of their lives and help them fight physical pain and psychological suffering at every stage of the journey.

From our Family Service Centre our professional and specially trained staff provide counselling, psychotherapy and assessment, financial, educational and social support, and manage half-way homes for convalescing patients and their families.  The Family Service Centre is also a venue for support groups and many Families’ Club activities.  In addition, the Centre is the base for our long-term follow-up programme which supports patients in coping with difficulties brought about by the illness.

At our Community Service & Rehabilitation Centre we help to reduce the burden on parents who are required to look after their children twenty-four hours a day during the whole treatment process, especially when a child is seriously or terminally ill.  The Centre is the only facility in Hong Kong to provide day care, specialist nursing care, therapeutic groups and recreational activities for these children, allowing parents to take a break from their role of daily care-givers.  It is also where our Child Life team is stationed.

The Community Service & Rehabilitation Centre also provides occupational therapy service to help children overcome the long-terms effects of their encounter with cancer and its treatment, and help them develop their potential for adulthood.

Our patient services also reach out to the Mainland.  Where appropriate, we help groups in Mainland cities to set up their own support system.  We also send them our publications to improve their knowledge about childhood cancer.

Details on the full scope of our Patient Services can be found here.