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Children's Cancer Foundation  News & Events  News & Events  2019-07-29: CCF Activities - CCF Newsletter Volume 56 is released!

2019-07-29: CCF Activities - CCF Newsletter Volume 56 is released!

Art such as music, handicrafts or simply drawing is very powerful; it not only helps to shape the personality of our patients but empowers them to brave a whole new world in their journey fighting childhood cancer. In the stories we shared in this issue, you can see their spirit of “Yes, I can!” shining right through their artworks and performances.

With the commencement of the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital (HKCH), patients and their families held memorable parties to bid farewell to the oncology wards in the regional hospitals, a place where they received tender-loving-care (TLC) throughout their journey. Happy reading on the heartwarming farewell messages from the patients and families and how HKCH & CCF prepared them in the transition.


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