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2013-01-19: CCF Activities - Family Yoga Class

What does the word “Yoga” conjure up in your mind?  Flexible? Difficult?,Bendy? In fact, yoga is much easier than we think for all ages with just a few simple poses and breathing exercises.  It helps to improve our overall health condition, manage detox, and relieves stress, while increasing our strength, flexibility and how we control our breathing.  


Pure Yoga has kindly sent their professional yoga instructor, Samantha to spend an afternoon with our patients and families at our Respite Care & Rehabilitation Centre. With their first attempt at some simple yoga moves, our members felt both excited and healthy.


Lorraine, a bone cancer survivor, shared her experiences of doing yoga in the class too!  As she is fitted with a metallic prosthesis, it is 3 or 4 times more difficult forLorraineto do yoga.  Yet rather than giving up easily she found herself trying harder. She said that practicing yoga not only makes her healthier, but teaches her how to concentrate, which is a good practice as she is now working her internship as a doctor. Samantha added that yoga is especially good for children in increasing their concentration and self-confidence.



Samantha demonstrates a simple stretching pose


Samantha andLorrainehelp the participants to improve their yoga positions




It seems easy for our patients and families to do a children’s pose! 


Try a little harder with this balancing pose!