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Rehabilitation Service

1. My child has recovered from brain tumour. Although his academic performance is fair, he suffers from poor attention and memory, and I have noticed his writing speed is slow.

Treatment for brain tumour can sometimes lead to impairment of certain physical, cognitive, language and other skills, all of which can affect both functional and academic performance.  An occupational therapist can provide a comprehensive assessment for your child and prescribe appropriate therapy and training to address these issues.

2. My child always leans to one side when he’s sitting in an ordinary chair, and I don’t want him to lie down on the bed too often.

A good posture and proper positioning can help to slow down spinal deformities.  It’s important for your child to sit up straight as it allows for increased participation in everyday activities.  It will also build up muscle strength and improve the condition of the spine, both of which have an overall effect on posture.  An occupational therapist will provide a seating assessment and if necessary, prescribe an appropriate wheelchair and cushions.

3. I have recovered from cancer and graduated from high school two years ago. I’m still unemployed and feel unmotivated to find work.

Job hunting is often difficult for childhood cancer survivors due to long term effects of the illness and its treatment which may include physical impairment and limitation of work skills.  An occupational therapist can help by providing a work assessment, rehabilitation training, and job counselling to assist in finding appropriate employment.