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Families' Club Service

1. Do I need to pay for joining activities organised by CCF Families’ Club?

As with all services provided by CCF, these activities are free of charge.

2. Can close relatives e.g. grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces etc attend CCF Families' Club activities?

Due to limited resources, most CCF Families’ Club activities can only include direct relatives (parents and siblings).  However, please contact us for any special needs and we will consider each request individually.

3. My child has totally recovered and is now an adult. Do CCF Families’ Club activities fit his/her needs?

CCF Families' Club organises a large variety of activities to choose from.  Other than recreational activities such as family trips, film shows and our annual Christmas party, we also regularly organise educational activities including seminars and publishing newsletters and booklets.  Members therefore can attend any activity in which they feel interested.  Older and recovered members are encouraged to contribute their special experience to others by becoming our volunteers.