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Bereavement Club

1. Who are the target users of bereavement services?

The Foundation provides bereavement services to all parents, siblings and other relatives of deceased child cancer patients.

2. How do I apply for bereavement services?

For all those ongoing cases handled by CCF professional staff, our workers would follow through all cases after the children’s passing, providing bereavement services to their parents and other family members until they have gone through their emotionally unstable stage and adjusted to life changes.  As for those cases that have not been attended to by CCF professional staff, bereaved families can call our Family Service Centre at +852 2328 8323 for enquiries.  The Foundation will arrange follow-up services.

3. How are bereavement services rendered?

Our professional colleagues provide bereavement services to individual families according to their different needs through individual interviews, home visits, support groups, etc.  The Foundation attends to the needs of children of different age groups, helping them vent their emotions and supporting them.  The Foundation has also set up a support group, the Bereavement Club, for bereaved families.

4. What kind of an organisation is the Bereavement Club?

Bereavement Club is a support group set up by the Foundation in 2007 for bereaved families.  'Yuen Fung Wooi', the club’s Chinese name, was suggested by a mother and chosen by voting.  'Yuen' means 'destiny', 'Fung' is the Chinese word for 'wind' and 'Wooi' stands for ‘rendezvous’.  The name means that parents and their children are destined to meet on earth, but they have to part like the drifting wind, and Heaven is the place where parents hope to re-unite with their children.  It reflects the mind of bereaved parents very well. 

5. Why do we set up a Bereavement Club?

A Bereavement Club is formed to support parents who share similar experiences through a variety of activities.  We believe that life is harsh for the bereaved and that their path would be less rugged if they have travelling companions for mutual support.

6. How do I join the Bereavement Club?

Please contact our staff or get an application form from the Family Service Centre or Respite Care and Rehabilitation Centre.  Complete the application form, hand it in and then you will become a member of the Bereavement Club.  Notices on club activities will be sent to members.

7. What kind of activities does the Bereavement Club organise?

The Bereavement Club had organised a number of activities such as memorial gatherings, group sharing, seminars, tea parties and outdoor activities like visits, walk and BBQ, etc.  Parents who wish to do volunteer work for CCF in future would be given basic training by the Foundation accordingly.