Children's Cancer Foundation

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In the Community

Since we started out 20 years ago, we have worked hard to dispel some of the myths about childhood cancer – that it is incurable, or that it is contagious.  Through reaching out into the wider community, we are fostering a spirit of warmth and love towards child cancer patients.  This in itself fuels their will to fight and resolve to live.

A cornerstone of our public service programme involves spreading encouraging messages about the experiences of child cancer patients, using their stories to inspire others who are facing adversity and helping them to renew a positive view of life.  To this end, we give lectures to a wide array of interest groups, hold workshops, participate in seminars and promote our work through the media.  This ‘life education’ approach is particularly successful in schools, promoting understanding that where there is life, there is hope, and paving the way for patients to return to normal school life.

We also provide educational resources on childhood cancer to parents and the public.  Through this website, our own publications, videos, and at fund-raising events to which we are invited, we are able to highlight not only the medical aspects of the disease, but also bring attention to the psychological and social needs of patients and their families.