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In Hospitals

Children often endure repeated, frequent and lengthy periods of hospitalisation far away from home and loved ones. Creating an ideal environment for the care of child cancer patients directly supports doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in their mission to improve patients’ quality of life in hospitals, and ultimately, patients’ survival rates.

In hospitals, we help create a happy, comfortable and friendly environment to address the sensitive emotional needs of a child with cancer, helping them overcome their feelings of isolation, boredom and loneliness, and minimising the impact of their stay.  We do this by decorating and furnishing wards in public hospitals, fitting out playrooms, and extending many of our patient services into the hospital setting.

We also help hospitals to purchase and upgrade equipment and treatment facilities, as well as provide funding for expensive diagnostic tests and new drugs to reduce suffering and prolong survival.

We step in to ensure that additional human resources are readily available to cover any shortages in nursing staff, and provide funding for specialist staff to undertake overseas training and attend important international conferences to keep abreast of the latest developments in paediatric oncology and advances in its treatment.

The Foundation regularly supports research in all areas of paediatric oncology that are of direct benefit to patients, we contribute regularly to academic and professional development and knowledge in childhood cancer.

We have also established training channels and collaboration between doctors in Hong Kong and the Mainland.  Through our sponsorship programmes, we regularly arrange for Mainland doctors to receive training in Hong Kong, and for Hong Kong doctors to travel to the Mainland to deliver training courses and exchange knowledge.