Children's Cancer Foundation

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Our Proposal and Research

The Proposal

In June 2005 we submitted a proposal for the establishment of a Children's Specialist Hospital to the government committee responsible for the development of medical and health services in Hong Kong.  The proposal, which started life as a two-page document, grew to over 320 pages, and includes a Service Plan, a Business Plan, a Design Plan, and an Implementation Plan.  It also includes background information on children's health services in Hong Kong as well as a set of planning and service principles and core values.


We hope that this may be useful to anyone anywhere in the world who has the same vision for the children, families, and medical professionals of their community.


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The Stakeholder Survey

Following submission of the proposal, the Foundation embarked on an extensive stakeholder survey, among academics and medical professionals, NGO's and children's charities, patients and their parents, and parents in the community.


Fieldwork was carried out by global research company, Synovate.  Analysis came from qualitative research through approximately 100 in-depth interviews and 6 focus groups, and collation of quantitative findings from almost 2,000 written and telephone survey respondents in various stakeholder groups.  The findings of the survey were presented to the government in January 2006.  As a result, the government established an informal working group to move the proposal forward.


As with the proposal above, we hope that the information may be of interest and of use to any group that is considering embarking on the same journey towards such a vision for their community.


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