Children's Cancer Foundation

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Our members come from a broad cross-section of Hong Kong society, all of whom share the aims and values of the Foundation.  They include parents of children with cancer, professionals, and other interested and committed individuals, all of whom provide their time and devotion to the Foundation's work on a voluntary basis.

Members are active across a number of committees, namely:

Audit Committee
Chairman:  Mr. Y.C. Hui

Member: Ms. Ivy S P Chan

Finance, HR & Remuneration Committee 
Chairman: Mr. Edward Yu

Fund-raising & Development Committee  
Chairman:  Mr. Peter Lam

Member: Ms. Ivy S P Chan      

Membership & Nomination Committee  
Chairman:  Mr. Edward Yu      

Services Programme Committee 
Chairman:  Mr. Tony Ho

Member: Dr. Francis Lau

                Mrs. Christine Yuen, RN

Full Members

Mr. Tony Ho

Mr. Benson Cheung

Mr. Peter Lam


Mr. Edward Yu Mr. Y.C. Hui
Life Members

Mr. Alan Wong

Mrs. Eleanor Morris

Mrs. Karin Chow

Mrs. Matilda Poon

Dr. Patrick Yuen

Mrs. Rosita Lie

Mrs. Theresa Wan

Mr. Y.C. Hui

Mrs. Anna Yeung

Mrs. Grace Wong

Ms. Leonie Ki

Ms. Miami Wu

Mrs. Paulin Choy

Ms. Stella To

Mr. Tony Ho


Mr. C. K. Cheung

Ms. Jean Ho

Ms. Lily Chan

Mrs. Mimie Nash

Ms. Peggy Chan

Dr. T. K. Lam

Mr. Victor Chan

Ms. Connie Tan

Mrs. Jennifer Wei

Ms. Lily Poon

Ms. Molin Lin

Mr. Peter Lam

Ms. Terry Lai

Mr. Wilson Chan