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2013-07: CCF Activities – Oil Painting Class and “SCENT of art” Exhibition

With a paintbrush in hand, what a kid could paint is beyond our imagination.  It could be an abstract art, scenery or portrait of their parents.  But they may not know how to use the appropriate colours, lines or compositions to express what they have in mind.


Thanks to the help from Studio 83, CCF survivors received four lessons of basic oil painting from their professional teachers and together they created an art piece full of trees in the shape of hearts.  It might not be professionally done, but it was painted with great effort and with their hearts and that added a special meaning to their piece.


In September, Studio 83 will hold a "SCENT of art" exhibition, displaying the kids’ art piece along with 50 paintings from other artists.  Come show your support and have a look at their masterpiece.


"SCENT of art" exhibition detail:

Date: 18 - 23 September 2013

Venue: Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre