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2019-01-29: CCF Activities - CCF Newsletter Volume 55 is released!

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, all of us at CCF wishing you a Healthy & Abundant Year of the Pig!

2018-10-14: CCF News - Children’s Palliative Care Foundation Officially Established / Exchange of Information through Ch...

Since 1999, the children’s palliative care team of Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) has been providing 24/7 palliative and home care services such as symptoms relief, emotional support and bereavement care to young patients with advanced cancer.  In launching a pilot project to provide palliative home care services to non-cancer patients with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses in 2011, we are aware that these patients have even greater needs for palliative home care support. Hence, the Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (CPCF), an entity owned by CCF was established this year to provide quality palliative and home care services not only to child cancer patients but also to non-cancer seriously ill patients.

2018-07-18: CCF Activities - CCF Newsletter Volume 54 is hot off the press!

For 20 years, our Child Life Specialists have been using arts & crafts, child life dolls or even medical materials to support young cancer patients and families along their journey of going through painful treatments. There is a special feature story on our Asia Child Life Symposium 2018, to give readers a better understand on the development of Child Life services in Asia.

2018-02-12: CCF Activities - CCF Newsletter Volume 53 is released!

There are amazing stories about our Sunshine Kids and sharing from our frontline staff!

2017-07-14: CCF Activities - CCF Newsletter Volume 52 is released!

“Watch Out for White Pupil under Flash, Beware of Retinoblastoma” on the cover page of this issue is the slogan we use in our 18-month “Retinoblastoma Awareness and Education Campaign” launched in April 2017, to educate the public, especially new parents, about childhood eye cancer and the importance of early detection.

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