Building for the Future

In 2003 we began work on a new and ambitious initiative: a vision to establish a dedicated children’s specialist hospital in Hong Kong that would provide family-centric specialist care for all children suffering from serious, chronic and life-threatening illnesses, in a purpose-created environment.


This four-year journey of research, proposal-writing, community-building and lobbying culminated in the government’s announcement in 2007 of its intention to build a Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics.  In line with our vision, the centre will bring together medical professionals in the public, private and academic sectors from both within and outside Hong Kong, and partner with major international medical centres in professional collaboration, research and training.  Planning for the hospital is underway, and the Foundation is playing a key role in ensuring that in the not too distant future, children and their families will be able to heal in greater comfort in an environment that they, and our medical professionals, deserve.


In 2009 our latest initiative bore fruit as we celebrated the opening of a Respite Care and Rehabilitation Centre (renamed as "Community Services and Rehabilitation Centre" in January 2015) in Shek Kip Mei, designed to provide short-term, temporary care for sick children and allow parents to take a break from their role as full-time care-givers.  And as medical science advances and survival rates increase, the centre also provides long term follow-up care and rehabilitation programmes for children to help them develop their potential for adulthood.


What began as a small operation with one desk and one clerk in a borrowed office has grown beyond our imagination.  Since its inception, the Children’s Cancer Foundation has provided services to more than 2,000 children and their families, and indirect assistance through educational programmes and materials to many thousands more.  We are proud to be working with all the major public hospitals in Hong Kong, and where necessary, extending our counselling and playwork services (now known as Child Life Service) to patients in private hospitals, as well as those from Macau and the Mainland.


As we enter our third decade of caring service, it is a sobering thought that the number of children and families we serve will continue to increase, and short of a miracle cure, that our mission will never be complete.  Your continued support helps us to make a difference in the lives of children and families fighting cancer.


Thank you for helping the Children’s Cancer Foundation carry out its mission and continue to bring hope to those who need it most.