Half-way Homes

To provide a short-term half-way home for child cancer patients who need a clean, convenient and comfortable environment for convalescing

Children undergoing bone-marrow/blood stem cell transplantation, intensive chemotherapy or surgery whose home is not suitable for convalescing

Fully equipped with basic home appliances, including cooker, refrigerator, hot water supply, furniture, beddings, television, video player/recorder, etc.

Pokfulam, Homantin and Shatin

Condition of Stay
A guardian is required to live with the patient

The Foundation finances the rental, renovation, and furnishing of three half-way homes on lease from the Social Welfare Department and Housing Authority.

The homes are used as convalescent quarters for patients after discharge from the hospital until such time as their immune system is adequately restored to be able to resist infection in the home environment.  These are especially needed by patients after bone marrow/blood stem cell transplantation.