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Rehabilitation Service


  • To help patients increase their independence in self-care, work and leisure 
  • To help patients relieve pain and improve strength, mobility, motor skill coordination and cardiovascular function 
  • To enhance patients’ quality of life 

Children with a wide variety of functional limitations and disabilities

Services Provided

Occupational Therapy: 

    • daily living assessment and life skill training 
    • cognitive and developmental assessment and training 
    • seating assessment 
    • sensory-motor and handwriting assessment and training 
    • assistive device prescription 
    • social and leisure activities 

With advances in medical science, the survival rate of children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer can be as high as 75-80 percent.  These children often suffer long-term effects from their encounter with the disease and its treatment.  As part of the holistic support that the Foundation provides for children and their families, our rehabilitation service aims to foster strong survivors by helping children adapt to changes and develop their potential for adulthood.

At our Community Service & Rehabilitation Centre we bring together specialists from occupational therapy to make sure patients increase their independence in self-care, to relieve pain and improve strength, and enhance their quality of life as they return to school and the community.