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Palliative and Home Care Service

To provide specialised palliative nursing care for children with advanced cancer in their homes as an alternative to hospital care


  • Children with advanced cancer 
  • Their family members

Services Provided

  • Palliative nursing care 
  • Pain relief and symptom control 
  • Psychological support 
  • Support and advice on home care 
  • Bereavement care

Catering to children in the advanced stages of cancer, this service creates a privacy option for patients and parents, reduces the inconvenience of travelling for treatment and relieves the burden on hospital resources.  The Foundation’s palliative care is a sustaining process offered to children while they are under treatment and extended to families after their passing.

When a sick child passes away, the whole family feels the loss.  During this inevitable and difficult phase, bereavement care helps them to understand their feelings and come to terms with their loss.  We look after their needs through individual counseling, support group meetings, seminars and by organising memorial services.

Our five full-time nurses are trained and experienced in the special needs of palliative care and provide medical attention to patients in their own homes.  Counselling and bereavement care are shared between the nurses and our professional caseworkers.