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Family Counselling Service


  • To help children with cancer and their families through counselling and other services cope with the changes and difficulties brought about by the illness 
  • To make referrals to appropriate community resources 

Children with cancer and their family members

Services Provided

  • Individual, family and group counselling 
  • Referral to appropriate resources 
  • Bereavement counselling 

The Foundation endeavours to provide the best of counselling services to child cancer patients and families.  Adequate counselling can help the patient and family to cope with the stress brought about by cancer and sustains them through different stages of the disease.  It supports them to make the many adjustments along the way, so that the family, as a whole, may grow and develop in spite of the long-term illness.

Counselling is given by our professional team to both in-patients and out-patients, individually and as a family, in the hospitals and at the Foundation's Family Service Centre, by telephone, or by visits to patients’ homes.

In-depth counselling and psychotherapy for patients and family members suffering from more severe mental distress are given by our clinical psychologist.

Patients who have undergone bone marrow/blood stem cell transplantation and their families constitute a special group who need particular attention in counselling owing to the effects of long-term isolation and to the much greater physical discomfort suffered under the treatment.  This group receives intensive service from our entire professional team.  Special counselling service is also provided for families whose children suffer from relapse or die.

In order to improve the quality of our services, the Foundation's professional staff are constantly updated on the art of providing counselling services.  They regularly attend courses and workshops conducted by local and overseas specialists on childhood cancer and on all aspects of patient service.