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2013-07-31: CCF Activities: Ballet Experience Class

Ballet is so gracious and elegant that many parents would like their children to learn at a very young age, but not all children have this opportunity.  This is especially true for children with cancer, who are physically weaker than normal and often have to go to the hospital for checkups and treatment.  It would be difficult for them to go to a ballet class regularly.

2013-07: CCF Activities – Oil Painting Class and “SCENT of art” Exhibition

With a paintbrush in hand, what a kid could paint is beyond our imagination.  It could be an abstract art, scenery or portrait of their parents.  But they may not know how to use the appropriate colours, lines or compositions to express what they have in mind.

2013-07-04: CCF Activities - CCF Newsletter Vol. 44 released!

CCF is bringing you the hottest news this summer!  The relaxing and health improving yoga practice; the cute and smiley face of the Sunshine School students and their stories that you would not want to miss.  Sure these will bring you positive energy for this summer.

2013-05-12: CCF Activities – Fitness Fun Day

In order to be physically fit, do we need to lift very heavy dumbbells and build a muscular body?  In fact, with simple gym equipment to train our core muscles group such as the abdominal and back muscles, we could improve our health and avoid back pain easily.

2013-03-06: CCF Activities - Relive the highlights of The Hebe Haven Yacht Club 24-Hour Charity Dinghy Race

Special thanks to Sailability Hong Kong for uploading the 2012 CCF video onto their official website, and sharing with viewers some of the unforgettable moments of the team during training and the race.