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Long-term Follow-up Service

To support and assist long-term survivors in coping with the changes and difficulties brought about by late effects of the illness

Survivors and their parents/care-givers

Services Provided

  • Counselling service 
  • Referrals for clinical psychological services 
  • Support groups 
  • Referrals to appropriate community resources 
  • Educational and developmental activities 
  • Tutorial classes to help improve academic performance 
  • Advice and support on career development 
  • Training of volunteers 

Children who survive their battle with cancer may suffer long-term effects from the disease and its treatment.  These include learning difficulties, behavioural problems, stunted physical growth or handicaps, heart problems or an increased propensity to other medical complications in adulthood.  We provide services for parents and other family members who may be affected by these.

Specially-trained staff at our Family Service Centre help to identify these long-term complications and provide support and assistance in coping with them.

In addition to providing counselling and making referrals for clinical psychological services or appropriate community resources, we organise support groups, educational and developmental activities, and give advice and support on career development.

Many of our long-term survivors put their first-hand experience with childhood cancer to good use by becoming volunteers for the Foundation and the community, supporting others and offering themselves as exemplars.