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Respite Care Service


  • To improve the quality of life of sick children and their parents 
  • To reduce the parents’ stressfulness and physical exhaustion 


  • Parents/care-givers whose children have been ill for a long time 
  • Parents/care-givers whose children need palliative care 
  • Parents/care-givers who have high stress levels and need to be away from home from time to time 

Services Provided

  • Specialist care and a comfortable environment for seriously ill children who need to be away from home from time to time 
  • Day care service for patients whose parents/care-givers are unable to take care of them occasionally due to various commitments 
  • Specialist nursing care 
  • Bathing facilities for bed-ridden patients 
  • Social and recreational activities 

Even though many families are willing to provide care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the family care-givers can be overwhelming without some support.

Respite Care provides a much needed temporary break from the often exhausting challenges faced by the family care-givers through the provision of short-term, temporary care for sick children, especially the seriously ill ones.

Working from our Community Service & Rehabilitation Centre, our team of nurses and trained respite workers provide specialist care and a comfortable environment for children, providing care-givers with relief time to pursue outside interests or to take a break from care giving.  Knowing that they have a specified amount of time to devote to themselves provides the opportunity for care-givers to schedule activities they cannot complete unless someone else is present to temporarily assume the care giving role.  It provides the care-givers with something to look forward to and relieves stress.  This helps them to maintain a positive attitude and better able to care, and is of enormous benefit to both patients and their families.