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2013-05-12: CCF Activities – Fitness Fun Day

In order to be physically fit, do we need to lift very heavy dumbbells and build a muscular body?  In fact, with simple gym equipment to train our core muscles group such as the abdominal and back muscles, we could improve our health and avoid back pain easily.

2013-03-06: CCF Activities - Relive the highlights of The Hebe Haven Yacht Club 24-Hour Charity Dinghy Race

Special thanks to Sailability Hong Kong for uploading the 2012 CCF video onto their official website, and sharing with viewers some of the unforgettable moments of the team during training and the race.

2013-02-15: CCF Press Release - SIOP and ICCCPO call on governments to scale-up commitment in fighting childhood cancer

Today, on World Cancer Day, the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) and the International Childhood Cancer Confederation of Parents Organizations (ICCCPO) are calling on governments and ministries of health worldwide to intensify their efforts in fighting childhood cancer by strengthening child cancer care systems in their respective countries. The two organizations represent over 1500 pediatric oncologists and 158 parent support organizations, representing nearly 85% of the world’s population.

2013-01-19: CCF Activities - Family Yoga Class

What does the word “Yoga” conjure up in you rmind?  Flexible? Difficult?,Bendy? In fact, yoga is much easier than we think for all ages with just a few simple poses and breathing exercises.  It helps to improve our overall health condition, manage detox, and relieves stress, while increasing our strength, flexibility and how we control our breathing.